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The Imatree Family

Who We Are

At Imatree Cabinets we are motivated daily by the prospect to grow within our community, by delivering exceptional client results while remaining competitive. Imatree Cabinets promotes the success of our clients' projects through support, collaboration and communication. New challenges provide us opportunity to continuously improve our standards. We lead by example to increase productivity and functionality within any space.

Lucas Pudsey

Founder & CEO

Lucas founded Imatree Cabinets in 2018 while working from his father's garage. What started as a passion for custom millwork quickly evolved into a focus on custom cabinetry and full home renovations. Lucas is a very hands on CEO and mentor for his team.


James Perry

Director of Sales 

James has an ample background in contracting and is the oldest brother to Lucas, Will & Damian. He has an eye for detail and enthusiasm for client success. Jame's high standards throughout the renovations process is well received and replicated throughout our entire team.



Will Pudsey

Director of Operations

Will prides himself on doing meaningful work and aims to leave a lasting impression. He loves to share his knowledge with clients so they feel comfortable every step of the way. 

Damian Pudsey

Director of Administration

Damian is the youngest brother of the Pudsey family and also the face of customer service! With his vast organizational, problem solving and critical thinking skills, Damian puts our clients first every time. 

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